Monday, December 21, 2009

Young Leafs

Young Leafs Live in Video. Check it out!

The Scarborough Young Leafs Hockey League was founded in 1971 as the Agincourt Civitan Hockey League to provide recreational hockey for players up to thirteen years of age. This expanded until the mid 1970's when the League become part of the Scarborough Hockey Association Competitive Division. In 1984 the responsibility of running the league was transferred to a group of volunteers and renamed the Scarborough City Cougars Hockey League.

In 2000 League members felt that the Scarborough City Cougars name did not represent the present City of Toronto status and that a new name was required. The name chosen as of April 30, 2000 was the "Scarborough Young Leafs Hockey League".
The new Scarborough Young Leafs Hockey League will have the distinctive black and white sweater colours based on the NHL Tampa Bay away design. Team Sweaters will have a blue and white maple leaf logo on the front and blue maple leaf logos on the shoulders. The colours were approved by the Scarborough Hockey Association so as not to conflict with other League colours presently in the SHA.
Due to Leacock Arena refrigeration problems all games and practices for the 2004-2005 season were transferred to McGregor Arena. Since Leacock is now slated for dry pad games and practices McGregor Arena is our home rink.

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